A Better Place

No run today, I was thinking about Grumpy all day.

Twelve days after I crossed the finish line at the Chicago Marathon, Grumpy passed from this life peacefully, during his sleep. At two o’clock am this morning, Grumpy crossed the finish line of a life well-lived. Some might say that he was dealt a rough hand, others might say that this is the way it was meant to be. Whatever the case, the world has been made a better place by Grumpy. As stated, Grumpy ran to bring his family closer together. I wrote this blog to make sure that no matter how scattered our seed may be thrown, there are always connections that we will relate to in our lives. Grumpy is such a great subject for writing because he keeps us all connected. I am truly fortunate to be able to write about my dad.

You may think this is crazy or too scientific but here is something phenomenal. Interestingly, at exactly the time of his death, the house alarm a block away at one of his lifelong running buddies, Tom M, was tripped. The police were called, the premises were checked and cleared and the odd activity was left unexplained. Two hours later, Tom learned of his running buddy’s death. The coincidence of the exact time Grumpy passed from this earth and alarm going off a block away cannot be explained in too many ways. As a scientist, I prefer the quantum entanglement hypothesis. If you prefer the idea that Grumpy was partly responsible for tripping the alarm, he might have been freed from the shackles of his mortal body and wanted to run again. The New York Times wrote an article about quantum entanglement and a groundbreaking discovery just two days ago:


They call it “spooky action” and Einstein may have been wrong on his theory in standard physics called “locality”. Locality states that an object can only be influenced by its immediate surroundings. Alternately, quantum mechanics may actually rule the universe by entangling subatomic particles and influencing other particles a city block or a universe apart. Grumpy may have demonstrated this phenomenon for us early this morning. Of course, an alternate explanation may be that, anything that can happen probably will (sorry Cub fans). In other words, Murphy’s Law. Grumpy loved physics and is probably keeping us on our toes. I love you Dad, please rest in peace, or meet us all for an instantaneous subatomic physics run, whatever you choose. Thanks for the lesson in quantum mechanics.

Jim and Barb at the beach! Favorite song today: Chariots of Fire performed by Vangelis.



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