Chicago Fun Run

Ran the Chicago Marathon today, I was thinking about deep dish pizza (a lot).

I never knew how fun this effort could be. I trained for the Chicago Marathon and learned why my Dad loved to run. The fun part involved finding out what Mom and Dad were trying to achieve all these years. Running brought Grumpy closer to his family. We joke that he was escaping something. Nothing could be farther from the truth. What he was trying to do was find an activity that was beneficial to himself and his whole family all at the same time. We relate to Grumpy and he relates to all of us in a large part through running. Writing these entries gave me an opportunity to learn a lot about Grumpy but also a lot about my own family. I am happier because of the interactions that this has brought with my family and our old and new friends. I finally figured out why Grumpy ran. I finished the marathon in under four hours and got a medal and a bag of ice. The Chicago Marathon is the best one I have run so far. Thanks to John and Cindy for hosting me during the run. And, of course, thanks Mom and Dad. I love you both!

I could not have done this without a tremendous amount of support from everyone who donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. For those who donated, you were part of a tremendous fundraising effort that was specific for the Chicago Marathon but goes well beyond the City of Chicago and raises money and awareness for Parkinson’s worldwide. Thank you very much for your generosity. A tremendous and special thanks goes out to my wife and son for supporting me in this effort and becoming my biggest fans. I love you both very much.

I assure you, I got to the finish eventually. Favorite song today, The Glory of True Love performed by John Prine (Chicago guy).

Chicago Marathon Finish

Chicago Marathon Finish

2 thoughts on “Chicago Fun Run

  1. Thanks for letting us join you on your journey through this blog. It’s been a blast. And congratulations to ALL the runners today no matter their finishing times!


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