Running Buddies

Easy run today, I was thinking about the medal.

As we wind up the final week before the Chicago Marathon. I would like to recognize the running buddies once and for all. Tom, Dick and JPD have lived close to each other for almost fifty years. There have been many that have come and gone and they are all sorely missed. Shortly after moving to Mt. Prospect, these three found each other and began to run. They were running before recreational running was a “thing”. Together they watched their children grow up and become all these great people. They discussed their challenges and supported each other through good times and bad. Grumpy continued to show up for runs when the only thing he could do was walk. Grumpy would wake up every morning even when he couldn’t walk the distance any more. Tom and Dick would stop by the house and push him in his wheelchair on part of that route.

Dad, I am going to run the Chicago Marathon. You ran the very first and 20+ more Chicago Marathons, this will be my first Chicago effort. Every step that I take will be dedicated to you, Mom, the buddies, and all of your care-givers. It has been a ton of fun recounting all of your stories. All that you have done for me, I am going to bring you and the buddies home a medal on Sunday. It’s a very small way of saying thanks.

Hope to meet you all for a run someday. Favorite song today, Sweet Home Chicago performed by the Blues Brothers Band and Review.

The meeting place for a great run

The meeting place for a great run

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