October 3, 2015

Recovery run today, I was thinking about the altitude.

I am training for the Chicago Marathon in the Mile High metropolitan area. This is a blessing and a curse. Most trainers will tell you that you will get a boost when you travel from altitude to sea-level to run a race. So what is my race pace, I don’t know. I still have to go the distance. I am thinking that if you were able to disrupt the gravitational forces and ran 26.2 miles straight up from the earth’s surface, the finish line would be in the stratosphere. In fact, the world record for parachute jumps is 135,890 feet. This converts to 25.7 miles. This is still a half mile short of the marathon distance. Somebody should have told this daredevil to go up another half mile and then given him a medal if his parachute opened. So, I figure the only way that altitude might help me is if I set a record for jumping out of a hot-air balloon. I just would hope that the parachute would open and someone was there to give me a medal. Sounds expensive, I will take my chances at sea-level, actually lake-level ~600 feet above sea-level. Grumpy always kept me grounded. See you next week.

Right on cue, it is getting cloudy and cool. Favorite song today, My Kind of Town performed by Frank Sinatra.

Everybody headed to the Buffs game.

Everybody headed to the Buffs game.

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