September 30, 2015

Track workout today, I was thinking about strategy.

JPD always had a goal. He started every day, winter or summer, before the sun. First thing every day was a run. I think that if you keep up with these posts, you know this was important to JPD. After the run, it was back to the house and ready for work. A drive to the train and 42 minutes of solace to read the Tribune and/or the Sun Times. A cup of coffee with a colleague and maybe church at St. Peter’s on Madison Street. There is a St. Anthony shrine in St Peter’s and that is probably why my son’s name is Anthony. Off to work as a lawyer or a court reporter depending the year and home after five unless he went to the Newberry Library for the Great Books classes he liked to take. Home and picked up at the train station for a dinner usually after seven. I remember hanging out with Dad from the time he got home until it was time for his desert. There was usually a cookie in the deal and worth the wait. Mom and Dad worked hard to provide support directly or through their example of hard work and love. The smaller goals involved running, the bigger goals involved family. Raise your children with hard work, love and respect and they might follow your lead. Great job Mom and Dad. Grumpy, you crushed on all those marathons too!

This happens every day, whether you see it or not. Favorite song today, Long Time Comin’ performed by Bruce Springsteen.

Running fast, had to stop.

Running fast, had to stop.

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