September 23, 2015

Progression run today, I was thinking about photographs.

JPD has a strong personality. He knows what he wants. He may not be abrasive, loud or mean but he does not give up easily. It is part of a grand plan that he has possessed all along. If you are one of his progeny, you simply do not exist depending on the decisions that he made long ago. You see, Jimmy had a girlfriend when he went into the army. Her name was Sue Yeager. He was shipped off to Germany and shortly after he arrived he received a letter. The letter was from Sue Yeager and it begins, “Dear John…”. This was not good for the young private, not only was his name Jim (Who the hell was John?) but he may have understood that it was his destiny. Shortly after that, he gets another letter. This letter is from his two sisters, Margie and Tootsie. This letter included pictures of family and friends. One of the pictures was a photograph of one of Margie and Tootsie’s pals, Barbara McGrath. Margie O’Connor (nee Dolan) and Tootsie Cady (nee Dolan) might have had a plan too. They liked Barbara. Young Barbara would help Margie and Tootsie babysit for even younger Peter on Friday nights. Out of the blue, JPD told his sisters that the pretty young lady in the photo would be his bride one day. Both of his sisters informed him that Barbara was engaged to marry Jim W. and he should put this idea out of his mind. JPD would not listen to reason and insisted that the young lady in the picture was destined to be his wife. Talk about love at first sight, according to mom, it wasn’t even the most flattering picture. When JPD returned to the west side, he met his future bride and began the process of wooing her to what he figured was their collective destiny. First, he would have to convince her that Jim W. was not her destiny and she might want to end the engagement. Barb must have been convinced because when JPD and Barb went to visit John Moag on the South Side, JPD asked Barb to kindly remove the engagement ring. What did she do? She did not hesitate and put her engagement ring from Jim W. in her pocket, never to wear it again. Mary Ellen, Barb’s sister, eventually returned the ring to its original owner and JPD asked Barbara McGrath to marry him. After a whirlwind engagement, they were married in November of 1955. They have been together ever since. So, if you ever wonder where you really came from, it was a seemingly innocent act by Margie O’Connor and Tootsie Cady. They put a photograph in an envelope and then they put a stamp on that envelope and then they put that envelope in the mailbox and started the whole thing!

Love at first, second and so on… Favorite song today, Lara’s Theme (from Dr. Zhivago) performed by the Ray Conniff Singers.

A man with a plan.

A man with a plan.

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