September 18, 2015

Recovery run today, I was thinking about 35 miles per hour.

It is 819 miles from Chicago to Bethany Beach. Back in the 70s, JPD would load up the family unit, Gram and a couple of my sisters’ friends and drive those 819 miles with all the beach toys and luggage needed for a two week vacation. The luggage would require special canisters made of reinforced cardboard that in a former utility would hold a spool of telephone cable. Thanks to Uncle George, this technique was shared by those “in the know”. Grumpy was one of the beneficiaries of this technology. When these canisters – they looked like rather large soup cans – were loaded with shorts, swim suits, deflated beach balls and other summer sundries, they would be strapped to the top of the family station wagon. When atop a car, they looked surprisingly like smoke stacks. When strapped to the family wagon, the car would resemble an ocean-liner, like the S.S. Leviathan. Driving an ocean liner on the highway with 12-15 people and two weeks of luggage could not be done at high speed. Nobody would drive that car except Grumpy. With that kind of responsibility, he would take the travel at his own pace. You can do the math. At 35 mile per hour it would take you 24 hours to drive 819 miles. We would take two days to get to the beach. Overnight in Pittsburgh after an interminably long drive. Second day across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge with all the eggs in one wagon. At the beginning of the trip the sense of adventure was high. By the end, we all secretly hoped that the ocean-liner would meet its fate with an iceberg.

Home again two weeks later.

Sunrise on the Mesa, again. Favorite song today, Beyond the Sea performed by Bobby Darin.

It's going to be a sunny day.

It’s going to be a sunny day.

One thought on “September 18, 2015

  1. I meant to comment here. You’re forgetting that a few times Dad would drive us out, drop us off, drive home, then come back for us a week or two later. Because in those days if he didn’t work, he didn’t get paid. Crazy!


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