September 16, 2015

Track workout today, I was thinking about commitment.

I talked to a running buddy yesterday. He had a big day but took some time to talk to me. Every time I call him, I want to download my training updates but very important conversation has to precede any discussion about myself. He first wants to know how my son is doing, then he wants to know how my spouse is doing. I learned a long time ago that the conversation is not necessarily about me but it is about my family, which is me. I am reminded about the importance of my family every time I talk to the buddies. The running buddies still take time to go and see Grumpy on a very regular basis. They can no longer catch up on the news during a run but they can download all the news to Grumpy and keep him company. This is what the runs were all about too. The running buddy explained to me that it could be any one of us lying there in the bed. Is it just? Probably not, but it is what it is. The buddies continued support would be appropriate for any one of us. Grumpy can’t talk too much anymore but when he does say something, it is always important. Tom told me the other day he did not utter a word until they got up to leave. Then Grumpy said, “Come and see me again.” It is important to Grumpy and the buddies that they all stick together. True buddies, a friendship forged by many miles.

Stay on the path. Favorite song today: Walkin’ and Talkin’ performed by Bo Diddley.

The path in the early morning.

The path in the early morning.

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