September 14, 2015

Rest day today, I was thinking about PD.

JPD is a renaissance man. It was not being a lawyer, a court reporter, a runner, a student of his religion, a lover of the arts or a lover of the sciences. It was all of this, all mashed together that defines this man. He made time for everything, he strove to be more informed because he knew he would benefit, but more importantly, by example, his children would benefit. If you take a serious look at all of his hobbies and interests, you will see his children and grandchildren in all of them. His quest for education was easily translated to all of his children as we pursued and re-pursued knowledge and career. It was always OK to retool because learning something new was always viewed as positive growth. Education was instilled as a value that we all embraced and we, as parents now, are passing down to our kids. Both mom and dad embraced this ideal and they assure our success.

As you all may know, I have been writing these stories for Grumpy. My main source of information has been Grandma (thanks mom). Grumpy has been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease (PD) since his retirement from the Federal Courts. I am dedicating my run at the Chicago Marathon to both my mom and Grumpy. I will be raising money and awareness for PD. Please consider donating to this worthy cause. Now is the time to give. Click this link to donate, anything helps:

I will keep writing these stories no matter what happens. Thanks to one and all for reading the stories and sharing your thoughts. It has been the highlight of marathon training!

Not a Grumpy, look at that smile. Favorite song today: In the Mood performed by the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Jimmy Dolan

Jimmy Dolan

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