September 11, 2015

Tempo run today, I was thinking about firefighters among many others.

This is a meaningful day for most human beings. It is important because of what was done to our brethren in NYC, Washington DC and on the four airplanes. Although what was actually done was abhorrent and without meaning for most reasonable humans, this is also a meaningful day because of the people who responded to this crisis. First responders and citizens alike reached out and tried to help. Firefighters, police, clergy, and regular folks responded in a way that make the heinous acts seem secondary. When there was a need to help, some very brave individuals came forward. Without regard to their own personal safety, they decided to risk their own lives to save others. The loss of life that occurred that day was devastating to many families and friends. The response that occurred throughout that day and the days and weeks that followed gave us all hope in the kindness and bravery of humanity. Thanks to the first responders. I will always remember the victims.

Contemplation rock. Favorite song today, I Will Move On Up A Little Higher performed by Mahalia Jackson.

The edge of the Mesa

The edge of the Mesa

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