September 9, 2015

Track workout today, I was thinking about fall.

Summer is coming to a close soon. The days are getting shorter and early morning is quickly turning into the middle of the night. Sometimes it is tough to rouse from a slumber and don the running gear when the temperature is getting chilly. The running buddies are always there to help motivate. If one decided not to rise and run , and instead decided to catch a few more minutes of much needed rest, the buddies would start slow. They might gather below your bedroom window and serenade you, not to sleep, but to rise and shine. If an Irish drinking song at 4:30 in the morning did not do the trick, they might move to phase II. This might include a projectile hitting the house or window. Phase III might include the use of lawn care device, like a lawn mower. Phase IV might include a marching band or Big Band that was always kept on retainer for such an occasion. The reality is they never had to use any of these tactics because the mere possibility of the nuclear option never came up. You got out of bed and, like a machine, laced up your runners and showed up at the designated meeting place on time. Merely having friends meant you never wanted to let them down. This special relationship works today as easily as it did 40 years ago. Running buddies are the best. Just don’t ever have to use them as they are actually intended.

The sun slowly marches to the south (again). Favorite song today: Big Rock Candy Mountain performed by Harry McClintock.

A little darker every day.

A little darker every day.

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