September 8, 2015

Progression run today, I was thinking about the Aegean Sea.

JPD was a day-runner just like Phidippides. In other words, he was a messenger. When JPD was in high school he got a job with Sullivan Reporting to run transcript for the court reporting firm. The technologies that were being used back then were probably very close to the technologies that he used when he ended his career 55 years later. The Stenograph, the typewriter, and the Dictaphone were the standards. When he started at Sullivan’s he was probably used in many of the same ways that a messenger is used today. We have become so accustomed to our electron-based technologies that it is hard to understand why you might want to use a human messenger today. In reality, it is still a very important service to have a trusted individual deliver an important document. You always see messengers on bikes, you see them in elevators, now drones are being adapted to deliver packages (that will be a fad). Back in 1948, the world relied heavily on those who could run from place to place and deliver a critical document.

I suspect that JPD was studying ancient Greek history at St. Patrick’s High School on the near West Side of Chicago when he was employed as a messenger. At his runner job, he was required to run from office to office and building to building with envelopes that he knew were important but did not know what they contained. Imagination born in our teenage years lends itself to grand delusions. Did he think he was Phidippides delivering the message of victory to a grateful populace? Might he have imagined that he was striding along the shore of the Aegean Sea instead of under the el train on Wabash Avenue? If he was developing a love of running, being a runner for Sullivan Reporting might have been a good start. As he ran the deposition of one civil action to a law firm on LaSalle Street, did he imagine it was a message from Plato to Socrates. “Socrates is a man and all men are mortal, therefore Socrates is mortal.” In your face, Socrates! I have to run now…

Fall sky, the leaves should be turning soon. Favorite song today, Many Rivers to Cross performed by Jimmy Cliff.

Time to go see the colors.

Time to go see the colors.

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