September 4, 2015

Fartlek workout today, I was thinking about breaks.

When we get moving toward a goal the momentum builds on itself and before you know it, you have achieved your goal and are moving on to your next goal. This is how Grumpy taught me to do it.

Up before the dawn on a wintry day early in 1992, JPD was out to meet the guys early. It was garbage day, so JPD figured he would take out the trash cans to the curb so the garbage haulers would take it away. This task had been accomplished hundreds of times, and JPD thought today would be no different. He would meet the running buddies soon.  It was January, it was very cold, well below 0oF, and it was icy. Without seeing a particularly nasty patch of black ice, JPD took a stride, slipped, and took a tumble. Grumpy broke his ankle and tibia in multiple places. When he did not show up for the morning run, the running buddies knew something was amiss. Jimmy would never skip a Thursday morning run, ever! The weather or schedules never got in the way, he would be there to achieve his own goal and help others achieve their goals. The running crew walked down I-Oka Street, initially thinking that the bitter cold had finally gotten to JPD and he needed a wake-up call. Maybe a few rocks through the window would do the trick. When they reached the driveway they saw JPD lying on the driveway wincing in pain. One look at his leg and they knew he would miss this and maybe a few more runs. The buddies helped him up and back into the house where “mom the nurse” jumped into action. Mom had worked at the hospital and knew all the doctors so she was planning her day quickly. Within 24 hours, and after extensive surgery to repair his ankle and leg, I was driving my dad to work. I thought it was very strange because it was the first and only time somebody would drive him all the way to the Dirksen Federal Building. The next day he was back on the train and planning his return to his morning run. He was setting a new goal that he knew he could achieve. A few months would pass until he ran with the buddies again but he worked hard in rehab to get himself back. Thanks to the running buddies for all the grace and compassion you showed that morning by not throwing a rock through the window and, as always, you guys are the best.

I know a young man who broke his leg recently. I want to wish him all the best and to get well soon. Grumpy and everyone else is pulling for you. Achieve your goals Michael!

The marigolds will stop blooming soon. Favorite song today: The Obvious Child performed by Paul Simon

Marigolds in September

Marigolds in September

One thought on “September 4, 2015

  1. We obviously love this one. Thanks for the shout out. Your namesake Michael has his own goal to get back in time for Spring track. 🏃🏻


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