September 2, 2015

Track workout today. I was thinking about Tiny today.

Sometimes we get a nickname whether we like it or not. Hopefully, this discussion will elicit commentary to determine the source of the nickname Grumpy. I have met tall people with the nickname Shorty. I have known people who tip the scale at a quarter of a ton called Tiny. I have met short people with the nickname Stretch. One never knows if your grandchildren will dub you grandfather and grandmother or pappy and mammy. The oldest grandchild is given this important task as they are embarking on another important development; speech itself. So, as important as it is to name a person, we give this responsibility to an eighteen month old child. Johnny and Michael were about the same age and took this responsibility seriously. They carefully considered all the suggestions. Grandma was ultimately responsible for the one and only suggestion, Grumpy. Grandma’s power of persuasion may have been rooted in baked goods, namely cookies. After a period of trial and error and Grandma initiating the lesson plan, Johnny and Michael began to call JPD Gumby. More cookies and a few lessons later it was official and both grandchildren were calling on Grumpy to do the penny trick again. Within a few years there would be many more grandchildren and they were easily taught by Johnny and Michael that dad was officially Grumpy. There was no one more pleased by this development than Grandma. Grumpy stuck.

Some older pictures. Favorite song today: I Can’t Explain performed by the Who.

Long run sunrise.

Long run sunrise.


One thought on “September 2, 2015

  1. As the mother of the first grandchild, all I can say is that Mom called Dad “Grumpy” from the get-go. Of course it was tongue-in-cheek since he’s the least grumpy person ever. And he never really resisted or complained about it which also is in character!


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