August 26, 2015

Track workout today, I was thinking about shoes.

Running shoes can take you a long way. Find the right shoe and a tremendous amount of foot problems are solved. When JPD decided that he had found the right shoes, he never changed them for thirty years. Well, he changed his shoes. Wingtips during the day, New Balance 990s for the runs. They still sell this shoe and it still comes in that battleship gray that is so stylish. JPD would cycle through running shoes much faster than his beloved wingtips. One of the running gurus suggested that you limit the mileage and buy a new pair every 500 miles of running or so. I mentioned that the running buddies probably ran over 60,000 miles. That would be 120 pairs of shoes. That is a lot of pairs of shoes. Growing up, I remember that for a while my shoes size was the same as my Dad’s. There were always a dozen or so pairs of shoes in his closet and for my purposes, they were essentially brand new. I would wear the shoes until I was forced to find a final resting place, like the dumpster. I am sure that this was OK with dad because most of his boys could save a few bucks on shoes. His closet was always full of these shoes.

I recently bought a pair of my own New Balance and the most comfortable pair I could find was the same style that he wore for all those years. I could have bought them in many different colors, including Day-Glo green, but I chose battleship gray in honor of JPD and the unique foot DNA that he shared with me.

The crowds gather for my track workout. Favorite song today: Born To Be Bad performed by George Thorogood and the (Delaware) Destroyers.

Packin' 'em in!

Packin’ ’em in!

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