August 25, 2015

Progression run today, I was thinking about distance today.

I woke up ready for my run this morning and the battery on my watch was dead. I plugged the watch into the USB for recharging and ran without the watch. The watch has some great features that record location, time, pace, heartrate, total steps, altitude, calories burned and the list goes on and on. I can Bluetooth my phone and check text messages and control my music on the watch too. It is a Fitbit and I love my watch. I look forward to seeing my run data and it helps me to coach myself toward a better pace. I remember when JPD got a digital watch back in the 70s. It did not take him or his running buddies long to memorize every mile post on their many routes. These mile markers could include a fire hydrant or an oak tree. The mile posts were permanent fixtures that, when combined the tick tock of the liquid crystal diode Timex watch and the GPS computer in their heads told them everything they needed to know about their run. These guys had all the information they needed to succeed.

If I were to do a quick “back of the napkin” calculation to figure out how many steps the buddies took, it might shed some light on these runners. Figure they ran for 40 years together, conservative estimate is about 30 miles per week. Sometimes they ran a whole bunch more, sometimes less. I take about 1600 steps for every mile. So, 1600 steps X 30 miles X 52 weeks X 40 years. That’s 99.84 million steps. Don’t forget, Grumpy walked from the train station in downtown Chicago to his office about a mile away and back to the train every day over that span. So, it is safe to say that Grumpy and the buddies easily took 100 million steps apiece over that time. That is over 62,000 miles. Ok, these guys ran around the earth over 2 and half times. No wonder Fr. Jack Wall made a notable exception to a personal rule last month and blessed my father’s feet. Thanks Jack! He deserved that!

Still smoky at sunrise. Favorite song today The Parting Glass performed by the Pogues.

Smoky Sunrise

Smoky Sunrise

2 thoughts on “August 25, 2015

  1. Awesome reference to Fr. Wall. The blessing of his feet was so beautiful. Seems like his journey now is the other half way around the Earth.


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