August 23, 2015

Long run today, I was thinking about socks today.

The running buddies looked forward to the morning runs. There was an opportunity to discuss the news of the day, get some exercise and plan for the next race. The amount of people that would show up for a run depended on schedules and travel but rarely would the unpredictable weather factor into your decision to show up for a morning run. These guys watched over each other to the point that if you did not show up one snowy morning, and the buddies suspected you were still snug in your bed, you better hope that the rock flying through the bedroom window did not hit your lovely spouse. For this reason, there was very little dissent. The buddies were business owners, executive managers, professionals and were all titans in their communities. Not everyone had type-A personalities but they were all strong leaders. Because of this, they all had strong opinions. Some might have been partial to fiscal conservative policy and others might favor a tax and spend liberal stance. This might be a good reason why they ran so fast. Comments directed at the wrong individual might result in a short sprint. We call them interval workouts today, the buddies might refer to these as rundowns. When I would join them for runs, conversations would center around family and catching up on the latest news. Sometimes, the conversation would turn to what foolish thing a local, state or federal politician had recently been accused of doing. Heartrates would rise, the running pace would quicken but someone in the crowd would distract the conversation toward more mundane things like, “Where did you get those socks?”

“I got these at S.S. Kresge, 10 pairs for six bucks”.

I never looked close enough but, now that I think about it, the same runners always seemed to run with blue stripes or red stripes on their knee-high tube socks. They never changed the color but they all always showed up the next day for another run.

Smoke from the California, Oregon and Washington wildfires. God bless all the firefighters! Favorite song today: Blues Before Sunrise performed by Eric Clapton.

Smoky Haze

Smoky Haze

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