August 16, 2015

Long run today, I was thinking about running buddies.

There are so many great places to run. No matter where we choose to run, it tends to be a beautiful run depending on how we feel. I can be running on the most picturesque running route on earth and if I am not feeling good, I may as well be dragging my sorry butt across broken glass. The running buddies had many beautiful runs because they enjoyed each other’s company. Jimmy was one of the main reasons that they were fun. If things turned negative, Jimmy would spin to the positive. It has been told to me countless times that success is not achieved unless one is positive and optimistic. Please don’t get me wrong, one can easily be sarcastic and ironic and still be on the side of amusement and optimism. When we keep things light we can more easily keep things positive.

The running buddies collectively kept things on the lighter side. There was no mistaking which side of the political fence these men were on. This only stood as more fodder for amusement. When you know political leanings, you know where to poke or prod a particular person and what other subjects to completely avoid. The running buddies were light-hearted. It was always a treat to join these men for a run because it was always a good run. You would feel good from the start and always get a good workout. When a run was complete, you would not only feel fit but you would also feel that the guys cared about your well-being. This is an important rite of passage when the generation that preceded you accepts you into their club. You have matured enough to run with the big dogs.

I always felt that my dad and I grew closer during these runs. I was able to see my dad in his element. I was able to see the buddies interact with my father and I would get a solid understanding of who my dad is to people other than his family. I learned most of this on Lincoln Street. A Street that may not be aesthetically pleasing but remains one of the most beautiful places on earth.

In case you were wondering, I ran at the Mesa today. I started an hour before the dawn. The sun came up and shone on the continental divide, real purple mountain majesty stuff. All very nice but thinking about the running buddies pushed me through the eighteen miles. It was also very positive that I did not get eaten by a mountain lion.

N.B. Endorphins were involved in the writing of this article. This blog does not endorse the use of natural endorphins while writing.

Sunrise over Harper Lake. Favorite song today: Ripple performed by Jane’s Addiction

Long run sunrise.

Long run sunrise.

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