August 15, 2015

Recovery run today, I was thinking about the relativity of time.

I got up too late this morning and was running when the sun was high in the sky. August is hot and dry in Colorado with plenty of sunshine. In late summer, it is best to run in the early morning before and after the sun rises. The issue with early morning running in Boulder, Colorado is the fact that there is always a lurking danger of getting attacked by a mountain lion. I overstate the mountain lion risk but, as a human, I need something to fear while running in the dark. A mountain lion sounds good to me. Jimmy and the running buddies did not have the same risks in suburban Chicago. Finding a good time to run was not always obvious. To the novice runner, the idea of getting up before the dawn is not even considered. To the training marathoner, it is considered and often rejected for the alternative: the warmth and comfort of one’s bed.

Jimmy was a hard worker. He would often arrive at his job between six and seven in the morning and return home between six and seven at night. Early in his running career, he would arrive home, take off his Brooks Brothers uniform, don his running outfit and disappear into the early evening. So, after leaving ten children in the care of my mother for twelve hours, 60 to 90 minutes more did not seem too bad to Jimmy. At this rate, dinner would be served at nine pm and, after dessert, we would all go to sleep and repeat the same thing the next day. This routine did not last too long and Jimmy began to seriously consider the early dawn for running. My mother helped Jimmy make this decision. As it turned out, this was a natural fit into his daily routine. When the days are long, you see the sun rise. When the days are short, you run in the dark. I will take a long run tomorrow. Long runs have been a part of marathon training since Phidippides, the day-runner, delivered his messages around ancient Greece. The running buddies arose at 3:45 am and were running before 4:00 am for their long runs. I will plan to do the same tomorrow. If you do not see a post by noon tomorrow, just know that a mountain lion in Colorado had a balanced breakfast.

They are building a tunnel to another open space. Favorite song today: Kiss That Frog performed by Peter Gabriel.

Construction of the tunnel continues.

Construction of the tunnel continues…

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