August 14, 2015

Hill workout today, I was thinking about guest runners.

I always recommend a run with the buddies for any tourist visiting the Chicago metropolitan area. Visit the John Hancock, catch a Bulls game, take a boat tour on Lake Michigan, get a scoop of vanilla at Capanarri’s Ice Cream Shop and take a run with the guys down Lincoln Street. I don’t know how many people take in the run but I have tried hard to fit this into my schedule through the years every time I go back to visit I-Oka Avenue. The crew is always welcoming and cordial. One time, the running buddies were particularly serious about an upcoming race and were at a critical stage of training. I decided to invite my spouse and our newborn son along for the run. It was a tremendous opportunity for the patriarchs of the various Mt. Prospect clans to meet my young son and wife. Of course, they were all thrilled to meet everyone and started to put one foot in front of the other as they began the warm up phase. Fifteen to twenty minutes into the run, things began to get a little serious. Officially this would have been deemed a tempo run. A tempo run is a comfortably fast pace that is meant to test your lactate threshold. For those who don’t run, this is a harder workout. On this particular day, the buddies were going to run fast despite the fact that there was a mother pushing a stroller alongside them. They began to pick up the pace but the young mother was chatting away like this was a Sunday stroll in the park. The baby gurgled as the pace was heightened. He enjoyed the scenery and the cool breeze that blew in his hair. Deep down, some of the runners wanted to show the young mother what speeds veteran runners could achieve. They picked up the pace again and the mother pushing the baby stroller continued to chat about her wonderful visit to Chicago. John Hancock Building this, Navy Pier that and have you seen State Street lately. The mother wasn’t even breathing hard and the running buddies were gassed. The running buddies gave up their quest of dropping the mother and baby and accepted their fate. The baby laughed and screamed and urged the team to go faster. The pace slowed again and the conversation turned to politics. The running buddies knew this was one way to get all the heart rates skyrocketing.

Sharing the path, Favorite song today Take Me Out to the Ballgame performed by Steve Goodman.

How now brown cow!

How now brown cow!

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