August 9, 2015

Long run today, I was thinking about solitude again.

All the time spent on the trail, road or path allows for plenty of contemplation. I did a long run today with plenty of hills. I was thinking about my family, my upcoming trip to Chicago for the Chicago Marathon, work, and my parents. Personally, I have some of the same challenges that everyone else experiences. I am no different than anyone else with regard to the issues and challenges and this may be why Jimmy originally started to run. Jim and Barb did not have “normal issues” to deal with. In the early to mid-sixties, Jimmy started to test his legs. He would run the short-side of the block from the Saletta’s house to the Hanson’s house in Park Ridge, Illinois. The distance was maybe 150 yards but back and forth and back and forth he would run. There were five children in our family when we moved to Park Ridge in 1961. The house was too small before we even got there. There were nine children in our family when we left Park Ridge just six years later. The friendships that were forged from that house on that block in those six short years remain the strongest of a lifetime. When the ninth was born in 1967, Jim and Barb smartly converted one of the bathrooms to a bedroom. I have visions of a child sleeping in the tub. The friends that they had made in Park Ridge were just too hard to leave. I am sure they contemplated pitching a tent in the backyard just to stay put. Mom had the back porch for some solitude in the warmer months and dad began to run back and forth like a caged animal. If people were watching this activity, they probably felt sorry for the young father. Alignment of processes can occur more rapidly if they are considered while doing physical activity. Jimmy knew just what he was doing. He was trying to fire the neurons in his brain in just the right sequences to solve some of his multiple dilemmas. No, that child would not have to sleep in the tub or a dresser drawer, the convenience afforded toward brushing the teeth and bathing were enormous if we put three kids into the bathroom to sleep, they would just have to stay out of the toilet. By adding planks to the tiny kitchen table and we can fit two or four more toddlers for their three squares every day. Folding and fitting the children into the 1964 Ford Rambler like jigsaw puzzle pieces would allow two or three more years in that car. Problems were being solved. Running was good for the soul and the brain. My mother may not have been so convinced.

This morning’s run. Favorite song today: Room to Move performed by John Mayall.

Long path with view of the Flatirons

Long path with view of the Flatirons

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