August 8, 2015

Easy run today, I was thinking about the gluteal muscles.

For those who have been following these posts, the theme is focused around Jimmy and the running buddies. This group of go-getters would show up at the start of the Chicago Marathon and give their best efforts every fall. The fact that they ran this race well into their golden years has always astounded me. I thought that it might be fun to train for the Chicago Marathon to honor JPD and the buddies. I promised when I began to post to this blog to document some of my challenges as I train for the race. As it turns out, it is more fun to write about the running buddies than it is to train. Both are fun, but the documentation of this generation is turning out to be a great hobby. If I can finish the Chicago Marathon, it will be the third time I have crossed the line in a marathon. Other cities, same distance. I did the first two while in my forties, I am attempting this one at age 54. As it turns out fifty is much different than forty.

I try not to complain but consider this: my ass is killing me! There, I said it. The upper hamstring, the gluteus maximus, the sacrum might all be considered the physiological terms but I have never experienced this before. I have had deep tissue massages, acupuncture, electrical stimulation, I sit on a heating pad in the middle of summer to relieve the pain in the gluteal area. I stretch and do special core exercises that help to relieve the tightness but I am starting walk like I have a thorn in my tail. Is this just because of my advancing age? Do I need to see a gerontologist? Will I have a gerontologist on my doctor list one day? Do I need some running buddies that will just listen as I complain about the pain in the gluteal muscles? I had no idea that this would be my biggest challenge. Don’t get me wrong. As I run, the muscles loosen and I can run pain free. It is well after I finish that I begin to experience the shock. I want to make sure that people that I meet do not get the wrong idea. “No, you are not a pain in the ass, it is me.” I must be wearing it on my facial expressions. A pained look might accompany a friendly hello. Could this be why we gave my dad the “Grumpy” moniker? I never quite understood why he was Grumpy and not Grandpa. Could this be the reason? I never knew my dad to be grumpy but that is what everyone calls him, I may be starting to understand why.

A rock for contemplation. Favorite song today: Shattered performed by the Rolling Stones.

The edge of the Mesa

The edge of the Mesa

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