August 7, 2015

Progression run today, I was thinking about my fellow runners today.

Sharing the joy of running is what Jimmy is all about. The running buddies were not an exclusive club with a secret handshake and password required for entry. In truth, these guys would welcome anyone who wanted to tag along. For a long time, when the doctor told him that continued running might damage his legs, Jerry showed up with his bicycle just so he could participate in the fun of the run. This is a special attitude that I carry with me on my runs. Every once in a while, an unsuspecting jogger will approach from the rear and, after a friendly hello, we will both know just about everything that is important to know about one another in less than 90 seconds. There is a bond that occurs on the trail that transcends the anonymity of passing in a car or on the sidewalk. Personally, I try to wave to everyone that passes too. It is tough to pass someone who smiles and waves and not wave back. It is instantaneous and final, like a conditioned response. I may never see this person again, doesn’t matter, personally, I was able to smile and wave. The feeling that I get from this instantaneous action is mine and mine alone. I should compile the statistics of the response but there may be more variables than I can account. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get a response, someone else will pass by soon. There was a guy in my town that smiled, waved and held the door for you at one of many establishments in our town, this is what he did. After his untimely death, they built a bronze statue for him and he deserves it, nicest guy you would ever meet. His name was John Breaux. Read in the paper the other day that there was another guy who went to his mailbox a half hour before the arrival of the postman every day for many years. On the rural highway where he lived, he would smile and wave at all the passing motorists. His name was Norman Hall. He died this week and the story of his friendly wave and smile was picked up by every major newspaper. A simple act that is big news. Another lesson learned a long time ago from the running buddies.

Ready to run in 1978. Favorite song today: It’s My Own Fault (Live) performed by Johnny Winter.

Smile and wave!

Smile and wave!

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