August 6, 2015

Recovery run today, I was thinking about mentorship.

JPD is a teacher to me. He didn’t want to teach me the saxophone or to be a lawyer. He wanted to teach me to be a human being. We tend to think about raising our kids is a combination of nature and nurture. From the nature side, I get some traits from my mom and some from my dad. They too received certain traits from their parents. I never knew my dad’s mom and barely knew Pa (dad’s dad). Even though I barely knew him I think I know part of him through my dad and myself. I look like my dad and he looks like his dad. I always thought that I wanted to be just like my dad. I thought early on that I would study law. That way, I would be just like my dad. I found out later that this would not guarantee that I would be like JPD. What he did for a living had much to do with his personality but it did not define him. What he is as a human, he still is and always will be. He is a teacher. He is patient, he wants you to succeed. He wants you to learn but he does not force you to work. He teaches by example and is generous with his knowledge. I remember our philosophical discussions. When I was born, did he think I was a blank slate? He did not think this was the case. I brought something to the party and it was important. This taught me that everyone has something to contribute and I should strive to learn what that might be. When I was learning what I might like to be, he was supportive. This allowed me to keep pursuing. I am a scientist today because of my dad (and mom). I strive to be a philosopher. I want be logical. I want to be a good listener and I want participate in the great discussion. I want to be a good student and I want to teach my son what my dad taught me. Most of all, I want to be just like my dad.

Raymond’s Run in front of St. Raymond’s Church. Favorite song today: All The Way Home performed by Bruce Springsteen.

JPD and Katie are circled.
JPD and Katie are circled.

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