August 5, 2015

August 5, 2015

Track workout today, I was thinking about euphoria.

JPD has always been known for his great attitude. Jimmy is a positive guy with a nice thing to say about most everyone. Having ten children might be considered by some to be rather stressful. Situations might arise that could test one’s patience. One child might have gotten into a fist fight, another might have crashed the only working car, and still another might have set something on fire. This could happen all in the same day. This might constitute a typical day, not an exceptional day, in the life of Jim and Barb.

Endurance athletes spend long hours with themselves. It is a time to contemplate and reflect. JPD had the opportunity to align his thoughts and construct his plans. The running buddies were always available for consultation but many processes were forged from within. Longer runs were followed by a burst of endorphins that generally favored the offender/perpetrator of an “issue” in the ensuing discussion/trial. As the children awaited their advice from this wise individual (dad), we generally did not understand but hoped for the general euphoria that accompanied a long run. Some would see the wrath and others would experience the kindness of this wise old soul. If we were paying closer attention, we probably could have predicted dad’s response. Oh, an 18 mile run? It was me and me alone that burned the garage to the ground. Rest day? We own a car?!? I had no idea. No matter what happened, it was good to be a runner in this household. You could escape the day to day “issues” and you could prepare yourself for confrontations that would always follow. As a kid, I did a lot of crazy things, now multiply all those crazy things by ten. Maybe I would not be able to maintain such an upbeat attitude. JPD generally ran to keep himself ready for the “discussion” that was sure to come. No matter what the situation, it always had a positive outcome.

Meg gets doused with water at the 1978 Raymond’s Run (Age 7). Favorite song today: Stand by Me performed by Ben E. King.

Meg (2)


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