August 2, 2015

Long run today. I was thinking about running in the 70s.

JPD started to run pretty much on his own. There were probably a few others that were testing their legs by running around things, like their block or their yard. Indeed, running is one of the oldest sports known to humans. Usually, humans would run to escape something like a saber-tooth tiger or a rolling boulder. Our fight or flight instinct is invoked every time we confront an aggressive human, animal or inanimate object. Do not pick a fight with a rolling boulder! JPD and the other buddies had high stress careers that did not allow the fight or flight instinct to flourish. Hence, recreational running began to gain a foothold. For anyone that has participated in distance running, a general euphoria begins to grip your personality and you wish everyone could share this feeling. Sure, endorphins are a big part of it but you wish this groovy feeling on everyone. In 1978, the Raymond’s Run was initiated. There are some great photos of all the parishioners getting out on one particularly beautiful Saturday afternoon to run each other into the ground. No longer did we have to fulfill this need vicariously through our children’s activities, now we could directly seek to avenge our own personal seventh grade “playground mile” that we all lost by a step to an unknowing archrival. For some there was success, for others more heartache. This did not end with the Raymond’s Run, the popularity of recreational running is growing every year. Some road races surpass 50K runners on a yearly basis and over 20 million participate in a road race yearly. It’s not just about winning, it is about having fun. Thanks to all the running buddies for teaching us a great lesson.

Turnaround point today. Favorite song: Folsom Prison Blues (Live) performed by Johnny Cash.

Today's turnaround south of El Segundo

Today’s turnaround south of El Segundo

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