August 1, 2015

Easy run today. I was thinking about the army today.

McGough and Saccone still meet just about every morning if you would like to meet for a jog. Just be there by 0430.  Both men are veterans and Tom experienced D-Day. When I mention that these men are part of the greatest generation, I am not setting the criteria, they truly are special. JPD was in the military too. If you keep up with these posts, you know that Jimmy was in the army. Since he was born in February of 1932, he was too young to join his brethren in WWII. Shortly after being drafted into the army, he found himself in occupied Germany. From some hearsay research, he was based in Frankfurt, Germany. He had acquired some skills prior to being called up. Don’t forget, he played the saxophone and headlined for Jimmy Dolan and the Pastels. I imagine he brought a cocksure attitude to the army and they had to find ways to break him down before they built him back up. I often wonder why he was so good at making beds. Could it be that he said a thing or two to a superior officer and found himself doing army jobs that would get him back in line? I will have to talk to a few people to confirm this. What I do know is that hardship befell the Dolan clan while Jimmy was in Germany. One day, when he was lining up with his fellow soldiers after reveille, he was singled out for a message from command. “James Dolan, we are sorry to inform you that your mother has died.” This devastated the young army private and he began to think how he would make it home to be with his siblings and his Pa. The sergeant that informed him of this heartbreaking news informed him that he had another message. The army expected him to continue his duties uninterrupted. The army would make no allowances for travel home to attend his mother’s funeral. I first heard this story from my dad. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Saturday afternoon and we were cleaning the house, making beds. There was probably a moment that I might have been listening closely and my dad took advantage and told me his story. I never forgot it.

The Beach. Favorite song today: I Can See for Miles performed by The Who.

Running along the strand.

Running along the strand.

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