July 31, 2015

Tempo run today. I was thinking about the band of brothers today.

Logging mile after mile takes a lot of fuel. One great thing about marathon training is that you can pretty much eat what you want and still shed a few pounds. The running buddies were a bit more serious about their food choices. Not only were they forging the trends of recreational running but they were starting the health food trend that stays with us today. TV dinners and pre-processed Salisbury Steaks were a staple back then. Pop it in the oven, heat to volcanic pyroclastic flow heat level and it was ready to eat. The running buddies had to fuel long runs. Preparing for these runs required careful choices and TV dinners would not sustain a serious effort. Put into your body what you expect to get out of it. My siblings and I began to see unrecognizable foods in the house. There was less sugar-coated Choco-Puffs and more cereals that were the consistency of silt-covered grit. We thought that my dad was putting building materials in the cereal cupboard on accident; silly man. Dried fruit and fiber-filled energy mixes were appearing in the food stocks. We heard the same tales of woe from other kids in the neighborhood too. It was about this time in my boyhood I began to hear anecdotes from neighbors. Some would tell stories of trains passing on the roadway in the early morning. Others would talk of marching bands headed west on Lincoln Street at four o’clock in the morning. Still others would talk of jets testing their engines on I-Oka Avenue in the early dawn. It was a mystery to one and all. Tales of spirit trains and ghost bands were common in my childhood. These mysteries were solved many years later when I first joined these men for a run. I was about fifteen but still developing my delicate sensibilities. We were about 300 yards into the run when I heard the train, marching band and jet plane in all the glory. It was the fuel! These high-fiber runners were turbo-charging the runs. I learned very quickly never to lag behind the gang. Always stay ahead of the pack, a great lesson taught in a not so subtle way by the running buddies. Some say they could hear The Waltz of Blue Danube being played by the phantom orchestra that morning.

Thanks to JD for his great ideas.

The Redondo Beach Marina. Favorite song today: My Toot-Toot performed by Rockin’ Sidney.

In LA today. Marina is a good turnaround point

In LA today. Marina is a good turnaround point

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