July 26, 2015

Long run today. I was thinking about the band today.

It has been said that the name “Jimmy Dolan and the Pastels” was given to JPD by default. It was the latter years of high school that encouragement came from an adviser/mentor name Rocco Eagle. These guys had great names. I am starting to think that they were born with one name and were completely inspired by another name. Who wouldn’t listen closely to the advise given by a guy named Rocco Eagle. As it turns out, Rocco was the the head of the local chapter of the American Federation of Musicians. In the 1940s, as today, unions and workers rights extended to the big bands. There were multiple work stoppages and recording bans that were addressing concerns of the musicians rights as workers during the 1940s. Music at this time was transitioning from live shows on the radio and in various halls, including union halls, to vinyl recordings that, for no compensation to the royalty holder, could be played on the radio. Musicians were being thrown out of work and the royalties were not being paid to the musicians and songwriters. Does this sound familiar? The digital music revolution in the late nineties and early part of the 21st century was another tough time to be a musician.

The band was entering the big band scene as musical tastes were changing too. Still, the big sound was very popular. Research has revealed more members of the Pastels. We know about Vito Buffalo, the trumpet playing butcher. There was also Johnny Dimetropolis, otherwise known as Johnny Valentine. Don’t forget about Frankie Paulletti who rivaled Vito on the trumpet.There was also Sammy Ingergio among many others that came and went. Under the tutelage of Rocco Eagle, they would get gigs at weddings and probably a few union halls. I imagine that Rocco was calling the shots and “Jimmy Dolan” was the only name that would fit on the music stand. The music stand was a big part of the show and was valuable real estate to brand the name of the band. So, by default, Jimmy Dolan and the Pastels live on in our memories and our hearts.

A picture of the running path. Favorite song today The Summer Wind performed by Frank Sinatra.

The path in the early morning.

The path in the early morning.

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