July 17, 2015

Hill workout today. I was thinking about the butcher today.

Researching the “Pastels” over the past few days. Jimmy Dolan and the Pastels were not only a big band jazz combo but they were a big deal too. There have been some discussions about some of the band members. Vito Buffalo recently passed away and was written up by many news sources as lover of family, his chosen profession, and jazz. None of the articles mentioned his first gigs were in Chicago with Jimmy Dolan’s big band, the Pastels. All of the articles mentioned how dedicated he was as a family man and a musician and he worked at the meat market in Algonquin, Il. As a butcher, he probably hummed a million tunes that were near and dear to his heart. I envision that his patrons at the meat market were the beneficiaries of many spontaneous solos. Vito played the trumpet and he played that instrument his whole life. He was my Dad’s age and he loved to cover Louis Armstrong songs. I would imagine that back in the day, with Vito playing trumpet and Jimmy playing the saxophone that the girls in the crowd were picking their favorites (tunes, of course!). It really must have been something to hear them belt out “Ain’t Misbehaving” or “On the Sunny Side of the Street”. I would like to give a big shout out to Vito Buffalo and, I promise, I will find out more about the “Pastels”.

Here is the hill workout and a long shadow in the early morning. Favorite song today: What a Wonderful World performed by Louis Armstrong.

Hill workout

Hill workout

One thought on “July 17, 2015

  1. Just catching up with the blog and it’s great. Two things: mention should be made that Fred Dahl was laid to rest on June 29, 2015. Great member of the team, and a gentle soul. RIP, Fred.
    Also, JPD was a runner for Sullivan’s Reporting Service while he was in high school. Prophetic? Possibly. You could do a post on all the tunnels in the loop that Dad used to stay out of the elements.


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