June 30, 2015

Rest day yesterday, progression run today. I was thinking about running gear today.

I run with too much stuff. I have a belt, water bottle, phone, GPS watch, ear buds, hat, ID, keys and other stuff along for the run. The phone is a telephone, camera, emailer, holds 1400 songs sorted on playlists, and is a bunch of other high tech things. The watch is a GPS that automatically tracks global position, heart rate, mile splits and can control my music on my phone with Bluetooth! Am I over measuring and underperforming? Last week, during a long run, I took a phone call from someone who needed to know how to properly boil an egg, I explained the cooking technique without a dip in my heart rate or mile pace. To someone who watched these technologies evolve, this is nothing short of amazing. To JPD, who probably waxed poetic about the benefits of cotton shoelaces over nylon shoelaces, it probably remains overkill. Sometimes, I just lace up my shoes and go. JPD liked it that way.

Reflections in the morning on Harper Lake. Favorite song today: Call it Stormy Monday (Tuesday’s just the same!) performed by Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Michael Dolan's photo.

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