June 28, 2015

Long run today. I was thinking about pain today. There are many training programs offered for free and for sale if you want to train for a marathon. A particular training program offered a pain-free marathon program for more than 400 dollars. For this pain-free marathon, I envisioned a series of massages given for all of the training. A city bus pass and bottle of aspirin would be provided at the start line. The bus would carry you to the finish and the aspirin is for the headache that comes with public transportation.

Some may, or may not, know that JPD considered ancient Greek and Roman mythology one of his many hobbies. So, one of his heroes was Phidippides. This Greek soldier was famous for running from Marathon to Athens to announce a Greek battle victory over the Persians. There are still enthusiastic discussions about the accounts of his run but most agree that this messenger keeled over and died after delivering the message. Phidippides’ run is the inspiration for the 26.2 mile Olympic Marathon. Some historians say Phidippides was a professional “day-runner”. Humans would make better long-distance runners than horses because the horse can’t run that far (see Pony Express). I think my Dad saw himself as an ancient day-runner. His charge might have been to deliver important messages like “the White Sox have defeated the Cubs in an epic World Series battle”.

Here is the part of the soon-to-be-completed commuter bike path from Boulder to near-Denver. Favorite song today: Angel from Montgomery performed by John Prine and Emmylou Harris.

Michael Dolan's photo.

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