June 27, 2015

Recovery run today. I was thinking about training today. Nike has provided me with an 18 week training program for marathon readiness. If you read this post, you know that there are easy runs, hard runs, tempo runs, progression runs, track runs, hill runs, stride runs and a host of other runs. The running buddies were sophisticated in their training, but there were two main runs. There were runs that hurt a lot and the other kind that hurt even more. When the doctor asks you to scale your pain from 1 to 10, you might tell the doctor that the pain is a six, therefore I think you should amputate. The running buddies had runs that were tens and some other runs that might be elevens. If you ever joined the buddies for a morning jog during the “serious” phase, you know what I am trying to explain. These guys were secretly trying to leave you in the dust. It was part of their process. You were a plebe and they were the pros. It takes many weeks and months to attain the fitness just to keep up. While they were encouraging and supportive, this was not a club for the weekend warrior. They were trying to convey to us all to be serious, attentive and dedicated to our pursuit of happiness.

A rainbow after an afternoon storm. Favorite song today: Many Rivers to Cross performed by Jimmy Cliff.

Michael Dolan's photo.

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