June 25, 2015

Tempo run today. I was thinking about shoes today. Running shoes have evolved over the years. Early running shoes were called sneakers or gym shoes and they resembled boat shoes more than the high-tech lightweight, mesh-upper striders that we pay too much money for today. These gym shoes were available at S.S. Kresge for less than ten bucks. Classic “you get what you pay for” running shoes, the main materials were canvas and rubber. These shoes did not try to feature stylistic designs. They were usually available in white or black. The white shoes would remain white until you walked out of the store and would quickly turn a dingy gray for the rest of their short life. Support and durability were not considered in the design either. The shoe had a half-life of a gnat. It would quickly decay by having holes form from the pinky toe to the big toe and would finally have to be discarded when the rubber sole was flapping like a ping pong paddle. It wasn’t long until JPD discovered New Balance and proceeded to purchase the same dingy gray running shoe over and over again for the next 45 years. Great design carried him many miles over the years.

Me and my shadow at the entrance to Davidson Mesa Open Space. Favorite song today Orange Blossom Special performed Michael Dolan's photo.

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