June 23, 2015

Rest day yesterday, progressive run today. I was thinking about preparation today. The running buddy club ran marathons. They would pick two a year and run one in the spring and one in the fall. Training for a marathon back then was not the high tech experience that it is today. A cardinal rule in marathon training today is to peak at 22 miles and save your 26 mile run for race day. The club followed the advice of many runners but decided that they had to run a full marathon distance three weeks before a race. So, two marathons now became four marathons a year. These guys were animals! Recovery from running the marathon distance is said to take a full month. At the North Shore Marathon one year, the club members finished respectably. This was the marathon that required you take a train to Wisconsin and run back. Tom M. was resting comfortably, sprawled, with arms outward across a curb after the race. Jerry K. notified the Army medical corps (they were on duty that day) that some guy was dead or dying just up the road. They approached Tom cautiously, started to load him on the stretcher as he tried and failed to convince them that he was OK. Jerry K. got a big kick out of that one and Tom found a different place to take his post-race nap from that day on.

Hot and hazy today but the clouds gave some relief. Favorite song today: Wandering Spirit performed by Mick Jagger.

Michael Dolan's photo.

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