June 21, 2015

Long run today. I was thinking about Father’s Day today. The running buddies club that JPD was a part of constituted a committee. The runs that they took were meetings, conferences and hearings. At its peak, this team comprised six to eight fathers. Not just fathers, these men were the patriarchs of large clans. Having many progeny was not uncommon to these Dads. The team was also comprised of many skills and experience levels. On many of the runs, when they were not gasping for air, the fathers were able to talk. What did they talk about most? I speculate that they talked about their children. The many challenges of toilet-training and drivers education were probably talked about in the same conversations. Plans were most likely forged on how to deal with troublesome teens and tiresome toddlers. The men shared their experiences and recommended actions. The committee met every day for many hours, hatching schemes and making plans. So, if you are one of the progeny of these many runners, you were in part raised by a congress of marathoners, Phidippides included. Happy Father’s day to Tom, Dick and especially Jim.

Touching the pole at the turnaround. Favorite song today: Nessun Dorma performed by Luciano Pavarotti

Michael Dolan's photo.

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