June 20, 2015

Recovery run today. I was thinking about distance today. Denver is just over 1000 miles from Chicago. That distance can be measured in miles, kilometers, furlongs, steps or many other measures. The scale is arbitrary but the distance is not. When I listen to music on my runs, some songs make me feel closer to JPD and some songs make me feel much farther away. I constantly wonder why JPD ran. I know that when he ran, the friends he made and the people he encountered made him feel much closer to his family and his community. We often think of JPD in many ways but a common thought among many people is that JPD is a runner. The distances that he ran brought him closer to many people in his life. This is a good reason why people run.

It is almost the first day of summer and there is still lots of snow in the mountains. Favorite song today: Tipitina performed by Professor Longhair.

Michael Dolan's photo.

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