June 19, 2015

Speed workout today. I was thinking about the running buddies today. In a previous post, I mentioned Tom M. and Dick S., both of whom wish that JPD would join them again on a morning run. There were more running buddies through the years. Tom Reed, Fred Dahl, Jerry Kohler and a host of others that came and went as the years past. This was a group of serious runners. So serious, they were human GPS calculators. One of the easy runs was a run down Lincoln Street to Arlington Heights Road. The group has run this route hundreds if not thousands of times. If you ever arose before the dawn and joined the team, you knew that you had to extend your leg into traffic at the turnaround and when you arrived back at I-Oka and Lincoln you had to run around St. Raymond’s church to get full credit for the run. There was no negotiating these points. If you didn’t touch a sewer cap at the turnaround, and found out after you were home and eating pancakes, you had to either run the two miles and touch the manhole cover and circle the church or you did not get credit for the run. No logging the run on your runners log, no Atta boys from the team, and you would face the wrath of the running buddies for weeks to come. If you did it in the exact sequence, it is exactly four miles. You can check this on Google Maps if you want.

This is a picture of the switchback behind the house. Favorite song today: Ring of Fire performed by Johnny Cash.

Michael Dolan's photo.

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