June 12, 2015

The Path

The Path

Rest day yesterday. Hills today. I was thinking about Gatorade today. I remember in the early days of JPDs running, he discovered Gatorade. It did not take his children long to discover this was just green Kool-Aid. For the younger set, Gatorade came in a 32 oz. glass bottle. This bottle was identical to a Clamato bottle. Clamato was/is one of the most ill-advised drinks ever introduced. It is essentially clam juice. This caused us to approached this Gatorade bottle slowly until one of the more adventurous children discovered it was sweet delicious sugar-water! In our house, anything sweet did not last long. This is why my mother drank her Pepsi out of a coffee cup with no ice, she disguised the Pepsi as black coffee. My father took off on one of his long runs and planned the route so the halfway point was the refrigerator with the precious Gatorade. Not savvy to the coffee cup deception and probably 10 pounds lighter from body fluid loss, he reached for the Gatorade only to find the bottle with a 1/2 oz. of kid saliva and even less green Gatorade. When asked, I admitted nothing. I use this forum to confess my guilt. I think this is why JPD decided not to hydrate on his runs.

This is the hill, it is called Davidson Mesa. Favorite song today: Blue Sky by the Allman Brothers.

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