July 8, 2015

Recovering today. I was thinking about the club today.

Being a member of the running club had certain benefits. Races that began in Chicago involved a pre-race gathering with JPD at the Dirksen Federal Building. The comfort and luxury of passing the time indoors before a race cannot be overstated. This was first-class all the way. Use of the federal toilets, stretching in the comfort of a carpeted office, enjoying a pre-race snack and storing your sweatpants in the toasty warmth of a courtroom was pure opulence. The pre-race party was followed by a relaxing stroll to the start line. Of course when the start gun went off, the party was over. The pain of the race took over. The uninitiated usually lost the pre-race snack at about mile seven. No amount of stretching prepared you for hitting the wall. After hopefully finishing the race, a slow slog back to the Federal Building meant trying to step up onto the curb and failing to scale the insurmountable height. If you made it back to the Federal Building, you were able to retrieve your sweatpants. This might be followed by total incapacitation and not being able to walk for three weeks. Yes indeed, membership had its privileges.

Daisies in the garden. Favorite song today: Blues Power (live) performed by Albert King

Michael Dolan's photo.

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