July 7, 2015

Easy spin today. I was thinking about Monroe St. today.

I am still researching the early days and there are many worthwhile stories. Before JPD ran he kept himself busy in other ways. 5305 West Monroe Street kept JPD busy. This was the West Side of Chi-town with plenty of family living close. By late 1959, early 1960 there were four children with plenty of diapers to change. This is BD (before disposable) days. Babies of ages 3,2,1 and few months kept things busy. Grandma Alice’s brother Harold was raising three by himself when an unfortunate incident caused him to seek help in the summer of 1960. Harold (Uncle Hap) agreed to let his three stay for the summer with Jim, Barb and the four other little ones. Overnight there were seven kids in the house. As it turns out this was great training for what was to come. Patty Shea remembers collecting trading cards and still has a postcard that “Uncle Jim” sent to her from one of his trips to New York that summer. That was sweet. Hold on, seven children in the house and Uncle Jim went on a business trip? Thankfully, there were plenty in the neighborhood to help, including the Shea children. As it turns out, Mom was running well before Jim ever decided to lace up his New Balance.

The Mesa. Favorite song today: Samba Pa Ti performed by Santana.

Michael Dolan's photo.

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