July 5, 2015

Long run today. I was thinking about the marathon today.

Logging miles, many miles, is part of training for a marathon. There has been speculation as to why JPD ran so many miles but the act of putting one foot in front of the other millions of times was appealing to JPD. There was a rhythm to the runs, there was a rhythm to the days, weeks and months. He liked the rhythm. No matter what the weather, no matter how he felt, he showed up every day. Races became a part of his life. Every fall the Chicago Marathon would take place. There might be a change in sponsor, it did not matter. Mayor Daley Marathon, Old Style Marathon, LaSalle Bank Marathon, Bank of America Marathon, sponsors would come and go but JPD was always at the start line. The pride he feels to say that the world record marathon time was posted in Chicago (now in Berlin) made it partly his record. These world-class runners are collapsing on a pace of 2 hours, that is a big deal to every marathoner, including Phidippides and JPD.

Louisville version of heartbreak hill. Favorite song today: Boom Boom performed by John Lee Hooker at Wise Fools Pub.

Michael Dolan's photo.

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