July 4, 2015

Recovery run today. I was thinking about independence today.

JPD was always interested in philosophy. His knowledge of the ancient Greeks and Romans went beyond Phidippides, the “day-runner” who delivered important messages and then died. Plato and Socrates were favorites because of what they said about the “state”. Being a lawyer and renaissance man, JPD related strongly to the relationship of the individual and the state. We have free will and we can help to determine our course. This is important to JPD and he taught this to his children. His children continue to pass the knowledge of free will to the next generation. JPD believes in this country and the opportunity that free will presents to its citizens and his own children. On this fourth of July, thanks to my Dad and all the forefathers and foremothers. Happy Independence Day!

Fresh cut outcrop on the running route (geology rocks!) Favorite song today: The Kids Are Alright performed by The Who

Michael Dolan's photo.

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