July 14, 2015

Track workout today. I was thinking about playlists today.

Before JPD was a runner, he blew the sax. His formidable years would have been in the 30s and 40s. This was the Big Band Era. Big sound, lots of horns and the saxophone was in the center of it all. Jimmy Dorsey and Johnny Hodges would have been the saxophone players from which he was formulating his style. My playlists have a lot of songs with various styles of music. It doesn’t matter what style might be playing on my runs, I always hear the saxophone rounding out the song. Although JPD did not talk a lot about it, he had his own band called “Jimmy Dolan and the Pastels”. There is speculation as to what halls he and the band were playing but I heard that one of the venues was at Harlem and Roosevelt roads. The geology building at UIC currently stands on that spot. This is where I studied as an undergraduate and learned all about rocks. This is a connection that I cherish. It is a little strange that generations can be connected by place but it is important to me. When I listen to Frank Sinatra or Count Basie, I am listening for the saxophone in the band, because that is what my dad used to play. The more I hear, the better it sounds.

Look at that smile. Jimmy Dolan in the Army. Favorite song today: Take the A Train performed by Duke Ellington.

Where are the Pastels?

Where are the Pastels?

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