July 10, 2015

Fartlek Workout today. I was thinking about my big brother today.

Not too many people know this but, before there was the house on Monroe Street, Mom and Dad lived in an apartment at 1736 North Long Avenue. The year was 1956 and Mom had been pregnant for most of it. Mom and Dad both worked at Sullivan Reporting when 1956 began. Morning sickness and marriage to a co-worker made my mother not exactly welcome in the office. She quit the job and concentrated on her morning sickness. By October, the bun was obviously in the oven. A few days before Halloween, Mom was in charge of taking care of Grandma Shea (Alice’s Mom) at a family function and, due to the advanced state of pregnancy, split her own skirt. It was officially time to give birth to her first child. Don’t be a Halloween baby, don’t be a Halloween baby. Be careful what you wish for, the boy was born at 0600 on Halloween morning. Trick or treat, they named him James. Baby James the second. Mom was ready for some relaxation. St. Anne’s Hospital kept her in a room with three new, cigarette smoking mothers for ten straight days! This was normal. The nurses never brought that precious bundle of joy to her room. Baby James II was kept behind glass until they all finally sprung the joint well into month of November. They retreated to the apartment at Long Avenue. The landlord did not appreciate the new tenant they brought home and began to concoct a scheme to raise the rent. It was official that day, the family was home. My Dad began to dream about the marathon.

Apartment at 1736 North Long Ave. Favorite song today; When Irish Eyes are Smiling performed by The Irish Tenors (live)

Michael Dolan's photo.

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