July 1, 2015

Track workout today. I was thinking about morning today.

JPD is a renaissance man. He has wide and diversified interests. One of those particular interests was feeding a large family. I do not know how it got started but Dad cooked pancakes for Sunday morning breakfast. It probably started after a run and church one particular Sunday. JPD still had a lot of energy that day, even though it wasn’t even 7:00 am yet. I envision a wide-eyed child coming down and suggesting they cook pancakes. After cooking one batch of pancakes and filling the house with the sweet aroma, more children began to appear and encourage the man to cook more pancakes. I think the record for eating pancakes for one person at one sitting was 36 pancakes. This record is still in heavy dispute but the amount of food that would have to be delivered would require one man to stand and flip pancakes for seven straight hours. This point is not disputed. Thanks to JPD for starting a tradition that continues in many other households today.

Uncle Buck pancakes for a birthday today. Favorite song today Happy Birthday performed by anyone.

Michael Dolan's photo.

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